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Last Minute Crunchies

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Arrow At sea level, on a typical servo altimeter, the tolerance in feet from indicated is: +/- 30 feet. Servo assisted altimeters are accurate to 1mb, 30ft at sea level and 100ft at 40 000ft. Required accuracy is +/- 60ft.

Arrow TAT = SAT (1 + 0.2M^2) or SAT = TAT / (1 + 0.2 x K x M^2). Note: Unit of Temperature in this formula is Kelvin

Arrow Local speed of sound = 39 x square root of Temperature in Kelvin

Arrow Mach Number = TAS / Local Speed of Sound

Arrow CAS = 1/2 Rho V^2

Arrow Principle of the Mach indicator = (Pt - Ps) / Ps

Arrow Angle of Bank = TAS/10 + 7

Arrow Turn Indicator: http://www.theairlinepilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=948

Arrow Remote Indicating Compass: http://www.theairlinepilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=949

Arrow Apparent drift due to the earth's rotation is: 15 x Sin (Latitude) in degrees per hour. Right (-) in Northern hemisphere and left (+) in south. Latitude nut will be having an opposite sign for obvious reasons.

Arrow Transport wander (in degrees) = Change of longitude x sine mean latitude. In northern hemisphere, Increases towards East (-) and decreases towards west (+). Opposite in Southern hemisphere.

Arrow Turning Errors in Northern Hemisphere: UNOS (undershoot north overshoot south). For roll out use 20-30 deg.

Arrow Acceleration Errors in Northern Hemisphere: ANDS (acceleration north deceleration south)

Arrow Low level Radio Altimeter operating frequency: 4200-4400 Mhz, SHF band. High level RA is UHF.

Arrow A FMS with only a multiple DME sensor operating shall have a position error, 95% probability, in a non precision approach equal to less than: 0.3 NM

Arrow Autopilot: http://www.theairlinepilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=958

Arrow When it is asked about principle of capacitance type fuel guage, the correct answer almost always mentions about "di-electric".

Arrow The principle of detection of a vibration monitoring system is based on the use of accelerometers which act as sensors. Accelerometers indicate vibration amplitude at a given frequency. Vibration produced is amplified and filtered before being fed to the cockpit indicator. It is indicated as a direct reading in the cockpit.

Arrow Junk Food: http://www.theairlinepilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=970
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