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Hypoxia Recognition and Awareness

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:13 pm    Post subject: Hypoxia Recognition and Awareness Reply with quote

A quick update on hypoxia related incidents for you.

- 24th January 2008. Embraer 145. Loss of pressurisation at FL350. Emergency declared and descent to FL100. Due to torn rear Baggage door seal.

- 14th August 2008. Cabin high altitude warning activated in climb through FL360. Flight continued with manual control of system.

- 31st August 2008. DHC8. Aircraft suddenly and rapidly depressurised descending through 7000ft. HPSOV and dual heat exchanger failed.

- September 2008. B757. PAN declared due to pressurisation problem. Descent continued to FL100. Engine bleed switches in the OFF position through all checks and this led to pressurisation not being selected.

- 24th October 2008. Airbus A320. False pressurisation warning.

- 2nd November: Cessna 550 Citation 2C. At FL320 in climb a/c began to depressurise with cabin ROC reaching 4000feet per minute. MAYDAY declared and emergency descent. Pressurisation stabilised at FL270.

- 3rd November 208. Airbus A321. Cabin depressurisation with passenger mask deployment. Manual control regained and pressure stabilised. Aircraft RTB.

- 4th November. DHC8. Depressurisation at FL50 in hold. Rear blow out panel found displaced.

- 8th. November. Cabin failed to pressurise in climb. Controller found in DUMP position after maintenance.

- 9th November 2008. B737. Cabin pressurisation warning at FL360. Crew donned masks and descended to FL340 where pressure stabilised.

- 10th November: Cessna 560 Citation 5. Cabin pressure fluctuation during climb and cruise. Eventually settled at FL 290. Aspirator tubes found disconnected.

- 13th November. DHC8. Cabin failed to pressurise in climb. Warning activated as a/c passed FL120. No fault indicated on Cabin Pressure Controller.

- 14th November. DHC8. Cabin pressure warning received at FL140 in climb. Gauges showed cabin differential reducing. A/c returned to departure airfield.

- 23rd November: Cessna C550 Citation 2. Cabin pressure and altitude decreased during climb after major maintenance.

- 17th October 2008. B737. Cabin altitude warning sounded during descent. ROC changed to zero and then showed a descent.

For a practical DEMONSTRATION of Hypoxia recognition and awareness please visit our Stand 120,
The Aerospace Medical Association
80th Annual Scientific Meeting
Los Angeles, CA
May 3-7, 2009

More information on Hypoxia recognition and awareness

Oleg Bassovitch
Managing Director
17 Roberna St., Moorabbin
Ph: +613 9553 7200
FAX: +613 9553 7299
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