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Questions on MRJT Graphs

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:03 am    Post subject: Questions on MRJT Graphs Reply with quote

Arrow (For this Question use CAP 698 figure 4.28 ) What is the minimum field length required for the worst wind situation, landing a twin jet aeroplane with the anti-skid inoperative? Given:

Elevation: 2000 ft
QNH: 1013 hPa
Landing mass: 50000 kg
Flaps: as required for minimum landing distance
Runway condition: dry
Maximum allowable tail wind: 15 kt
Maximum allowable head wind: 50 kt

Ans: 3100 m

Thats the graphical output.

MRJT graphs have the regulatory factors built in, so the application of regulatory factors applies ONLY to SEP and MEP graphs.

Arrow What is meant by "Equivalent Weight" in figure 4.27 of CAP 698?

"The weight compensated for temperature greater than ISA+10 degrees"

Arrow (For this question use CAP 698 figure 4.5)With regard to the take-off performance of a twin jet aeroplane, why does the take-off performance climb limit graph show a kink at 30oC and pressure altitude 0 ft?

" The engines are pressure limited at lower temperature, at higher temperatures they are temperature limited "

Arrow (Refer to CAP 698 figure 4-5) Consider the take-off performance for the twin jet aeroplane climb limit chart. Why has the wind been omitted from the chart?

a) The climb limit performances are taken relative to the air <-- Correct
b) There is a built-in safety measure
c) The effect of the wind must be taken from another chart
d) There is no effect of the wind on the climb angle relative to the ground
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