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Captain, Big thank you for this site. By far one of the most underrated aviation sites that exist, and has been absolutely instrumental in aiding my ATPL theory studies. All your efforts are much appreciated!
Thank you Haroon, You really did a good job!
K.Haroon God bless You! This shorts compansite knowlage which You prepare...THIS IS GOLD! thanks alot.
Finally got my atpl, 92% average no fail thanks for this website especially for you Haroon.
Mikko Kosonen
First, I'd like to thank you about the great forum what you have done, great job! I specially like the ATPL section with clear definitions, abbreviations and so of multiple theory subjects. I'm only slightly dissapointed that I didnt found this forum any earlier..
Pragyashree Sahu
Beautiful Blog, as it contains gist of every topic in very concise n precise manner ... n it clears many doubts related to theoretical n practical issues of aircraft, basically bridging d gap. And its d best website fr aviation.
Jason Tindall
This forum was super helpful i swear, keep up the good work!!
I'm just a bit bothered that I have not stumbled on this forum before - tons and tons of very informative and well explained topics. Kudos to you.
Great stuff helping me with exam prep.
I wanna appreciate your Posts and Topics. Just studying my ATPL Theory, wouldn't know what to do without your help!
Hello to the Admin, just found your website! Woohoo! It is amazing! I used your website for Radio Nav, Air Law and Aircraft General Knowledge preparation for the UK exams and I got 92% average from these subjects! Thank you! You made my studying so much easier!!
First of all..Thanks a ton for all the info which you've put on the site. It was my sole source of info for the ATPL exams which I managed to pass with ease because of all the great stuff posted here
i have no words to appreciate your hardwork and efforts to make this site usefull for people across the world ... i find an answer to every question almost ... solutions have been given ... this site is a complete teaqcher for me ... i have qualified so many ATPL papers because of this site
This site is more informative than most other site. Have gotten most information or clarification from this site than my notes for CPL.
This is a really excellent service and fantastic website. Thanks to you I'm sure I got a few more marks in my instruments exam.
Thanks for all your hard work, this forum helped alot and still helping while trying to finish my last 5 atpl subject
Sivakumaran Kandasamy
i wanted to thank you for this great website.. it help me on most question... But for the Flight Planning part its sad that there is no example of working on CFP, like finding fuel, distance or decoding the CFP. Hope could help out in that CFP. the new EASA Flight plan exams got CFP questions alot and i can't find any worked examples.
this website is just awesome!! i'm working a lot with the ATPL resources, i passed 10 of the modules thank you so much for the free content which is better than the one found in books!
Andreas Andreas
Hello, this is a very helpful and awesome homepage for any ATPL student and beyond. I passed my EASA ATPL theory with the help of this site with very good grades (97%). Thanks Khwaja for your effort!!! Best wishes Andreas
Allex Polard
This website helped in passing EASA exams. There are diagrams and explanations which have greatly accelerated learning. I would never recommend using just one site to rely on but using this site as an additional tool to learning will definitely help.
Douglas Patton
Thanks for the free site, it's loaded with so much useful information...I appreciate your efforts!
Rohanbir Singh
Hello, I came across this site recently and it is a wonderfully organised effort indeed!! I intend to keep gaining from the site throughout my career
Fabio Massari
I wish to thank you for the effort you made with the site. I had many hours of study on it and the result is the pass of many exams of my atpl course.
great web site full of information.thank you for all your work.
Diptanjan Chakraborty
Extremely helpful website! helped a lot to clear my examinations!
I am glad to say that through this forum I have passed all ground theoretical papers.
im a FAA/ICAO CPl/Atpl holder... this forum is very useful and helped me in alot of ways getting 90+ in almost all exams. Thank you.
I am an aircraft maintenance engineer in training. I constantly search for more information on the web to help me better understand what i have been taught in class. I find that things are explained in the most simple way in this forum.
Jalaluddin Bukari
Great study material and good line of explanation ...
i have flown in countries like Australia and New Zealand and also hold respective Cpl. licence..I am highly fascinated by this forum as it give me he'll lot of info in aviation ...
Cloud Burst
Am retired army pilot...after venturing into unknown, now coming back to my old profession and appearing in ATPL exam. Had it been without the help of this forum, it would have been v difficult for me to clear papers with such ease, after such long elapse of time. I would like to thank all those who organizing and keeping it well updated. Especially to site admin Mr. K Haroon. It would be honor for me to join this forum.
Essa Fakhoury
Thank you for this amazing website, i'm studying aviation and im about to start my atpl exams. Your site is just answering every single thing im thinking of. I appreciate your job.